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StreetSquash Graduates 26 Seniors

​Once again, great job, StreetSquash​ and great job graduates​! ​This year ​26 ​students who participated in StreetSquash graduate from high school​​, ​their largest class to date​. The students have been accepted to a diverse number of colleges and universities ranging from two-year state schools to four-year public and private institutions. ​We wish them ​all ​the… Read more

What We Are Reading: School Segregation in NYC

​A recent article in the New York Times Magazine by Nikole Hannah-Jones ​provides a ​comprehensive overview of ​school segregation in the United States, especially New York City. ​A follow up to her powerful podcast on This American Life that zeroed in on school segregation as a continued reason for the opportunity gap between black and… Read more

Queens Library Lends out Ties to Job Seekers

In the highly competitive New York City job market every job applicant always needs to bring their very best to each and every interview they have. Dressing professionally is an integral part of bringing your best. However, for some, simply owing the professional clothing is a significant barrier. If you’re low-income, unemployed, and/or homeless it… Read more

Pregnant and in Prison?

The crisis in ​the American ​criminal justice ​system and ​the need for prison reform ​is sparking ​voracious ​debate​s​, news headlines, and even whole conferences and panels. Within this larger issue is the rapidly growing population of female inmates in American prisons, including women that are arrested while pregnant. As a ​recent ​piece in the New… Read more