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StreetSquash Founder George Polsky Interviewed

George Polsky, Founder and Executive Director of StreetSquash, a grantee of the Thomas & Jeanne Elmezzi Private Foundation, was recently featured on One on One With Steve Adubato.  StreetSquash is a comprehensive youth enrichment program that provides dedicated and long-term support to children in Harlem through practicing and playing squash, as well as providing academic… Read more

Girls Rocking Finance

In 2016, The Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi Private Foundation made a grant to Rock the Street Wall Street (RTSWS) towards a program for a group of young women attending W.C. Bryant High School. Through this program, RTSWS provided participants with a series of after-school workshops and one-on-one mentoring focused on financial literacy and leadership building… Read more

Population Health Management: the Key to Improving Community Health Outcomes​

In 2015, Xerox published an eBook with findings from experts at the Yale School of Medicine ​called How Social Factors Shape Population Health,​ that​ outlines how environmental and social factors influence roughly 60% of an individual’s health​ and not medical interventions. The ​book also​ illustrates factors such as socioeconomic status, employment, and housing rates ​that ​play… Read more

StreetSquash Graduates 26 Seniors

​Once again, great job, StreetSquash​ and great job graduates​! ​This year ​26 ​students who participated in StreetSquash graduate from high school​​, ​their largest class to date​. The students have been accepted to a diverse number of colleges and universities ranging from two-year state schools to four-year public and private institutions. ​We wish them ​all ​the… Read more