Whatever Happened to Obama’s ‘Promise Neighborhoods’ in NYC?

Original article appeared on Citylimits.org. Written by Kenneth Thorbourne.

“The furthest along in implementing their Promise Neighborhoods are CAMBA in Flatbush, Elmezzi/Zone 126 in Astoria and Long Island City, and Lutheran Family Health Centers in Sunset Park. The Cypress Hills Development Corporation in Brooklyn hasn’t yet implemented any Promise Neighborhoods programs, while Abyssinian Development Corporation officials report they are in “an infancy stage” of establishing partnerships with other social service providers.

With the help of the San Francisco-based Tides Center, the Elmezzzi Foundation established a separate entity, Zone 126, to build and oversee its Promise Neighborhood.

Zone 126 in Queens is the only lead agency of a Promise Neighborhood in the city that is not a social service provider. Officials with Zone 126 believe this gives them a leg up on their fellow grantees since they can add or subtract services without worrying if the change affects a funding stream necessary to keep the organization afloat.

Zone 126 has so far signed memoranda of understanding with 12 community partners, seven of which have launched programs in 10 participating schools.”

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