Watch, Act, Vote and More: Theatre of the Oppressed NYC’s Legislative Theatre Report is Published

Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (TONYC) asks: “In addition to personal transformation and social critique, can theatre also be a tool for concrete social and political change?”  And after numerous theatre festivals, performances and workshops, TONYC proudly answers: Yes!  TONYC recently released their report showing that their “Watch, Act, Vote” performance model in the Legislative Theatre events has been a powerful tool in educating and engaging performers, audiences, and policymakers.  Legislative Theatre is enacted in three parts: Pre-Play Advocacy Fair where audience members can learn more and join social justice organizations, Play Performance and Policy Idea Generation where the TONYC troupes perform and the ‘Watch, Act, Vote’ method takes place, and finally Activism Workshops where training on advocacy and organizing takes place. Learn more about the theory, structure, and implementation of Legislative Theatre in their comprehensive report here.