What We Are Reading: School Segregation in NYC

​A recent article in the New York Times Magazine by Nikole Hannah-Jones ​provides a ​comprehensive overview of ​school segregation in the United States, especially New York City. ​A follow up to her powerful podcast on This American Life that zeroed in on school segregation as a continued reason for the opportunity gap between black and latino youth and their white counterparts, the piece in the NYT provides historical context on this issue delivered via a personal opinion piece as a NYC public school parent.

​An in-depth ​and fascinating read, click on the links above to read the article from Nikole Hannah-Jones in full and visit ​the This American Life Podcast(s) here. ​As a bonus, ​if you are interested, ​Nikole Hannah-Jones will be the featured guest at the Sadie Nash Leadership Project’s 7th Annual Garden Party! ​Tickets here.