Ravenswood II Dreamers Celebrate Successes at Culmination Event

In June 2017, Elmezzi Board members and staff had the pleasure of attending the Dreamer culmination event for students of the Ravenswood II I Have a Dream Foundation – New York​ Program.  The I Have a Dream Foundation – New York, ​motivates and empowers children living in low-income communities to reach their educational and career potential through offering long-term academic, mentoring, internship opportunities, and socio-emotional ​support. The Elmezzi Foundation has sponsored a group of 58 students from Ravenswood Houses in Long Island City since they were in grades second and third. Over 90% of the students have now graduated​ high school and attend colleges in New York and elsewhere studying arts, business, hospitality and beyond. Please watch the video below of the celebration, produced by the IHDF-NY Alumni Coordinator, where students, staff, and Board members express their gratitude for the program and look positively towards the future ahead.