Queens Library Lends out Ties to Job Seekers

In the highly competitive New York City job market every job applicant always needs to bring their very best to each and every interview they have. Dressing professionally is an integral part of bringing your best. However, for some, simply owing the professional clothing is a significant barrier. If you’re low-income, unemployed, and/or homeless it can be incredibly difficult to get the right outfit.

A new idea is being piloted by the Queens Library, that is lending out ties to job seekers that need to look professional for their interviews.

A recent piece posted by CBS outlines how library systems are helping underserved communities by giving them access to professional resources in order to land a better job and realize their full potential. We are glad to see that Queens Library is continuing a trend of offering vital resources for the community. Click on the link above to read about Queens Library’s tie lending program as well as our blog post on a similar topic from last year.