Campus of Hebrew Hospital Home in Westchester
Photo: Courtesy of Hebrew Hospital Home

Hebrew Hospital Home: Adult Day Social & Medical Model Healthcare Programs

Hebrew Hospital Home (HHH), a healthcare facility located in Westchester, NY, seeks to rehabilitate, restore and maintain a high quality of life for the people in its care to the fullest possible extent, both physically and emotionally.  They offer two community-based Adult Day Programs, both medical and social, in order to meet these needs. The Adult Day services offer various creative arts and therapeutic activities to its participants, designed to enhance their self-esteem and encourage self-determination.


The Elmezzi Adult Day Social Model program, new this year, currently has the capacity to serve up to 18 people a day. Individual participants have a diagnosis of dementia and/or another functional disability that needs the assistance of another person to complete daily living tasks. Since the implementation of the Adult Day Social Model Program, enrolled participants have engaged in appropriate creative arts therapies, reporting increases in self-esteem. Additionally, they are provided with safe and ample opportunities for meaningful socialization. Family members have reported noticeable differences in participants’ moods, citing happier demeanor and participants have mentioned feeling that they have increased support during the day, as a result of having new people to engage with them.


Dolores, the wife of one of the Social Model participants, notes that her husband “wishes he could come every day. He loves the music and exercise. He loves feeling useful. It has been difficult for us to stay busy during the day because of his short attention span. Now, he comes home and is able to describe his day and seems to have a strong feeling of accomplishment.”