Teen Hip-Hop Class at the Ailey Extension
Photo: Kyle Froman

AileyDance Kids Residency at I.S. 126Q

The AileyDance Kids program at I.S. 126Q provides high-quality dance instruction that offers participants the opportunity to use their imaginations while learning life skills such as teamwork, goal-setting, and self-confidence. Ailey’s teaching artists are well-versed in a rigorous standards-based approach to teaching in the arts. This includes dance literacy, working with community and cultural resources, and exploring careers and lifelong learning.


The AileyDance Kids residency at I.S. 126Q has served sixth grade students during both the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 academic years (150 to 200 students per year). Over the course of the school year, the students’ ability to understand, remember, and articulate movement patterns from week to week improved considerably along with their self-confidence. In technique sessions, students worked together toward a common goal and learned to respect and encourage each other during the process.


Stephan Linardic, the 6th Grade Dean at I.S. 126Q, feels that the Alvin Ailey dance residency has had a tremendous impact on the students. He says, “There’s a sense of excitement every Friday we get ready to dance. We’ve seen our students grow physically and emotionally, some even displaying a sense of confidence they had been lacking prior to the residency. The residency has been therapeutic, providing a structure for more energetic students and an avenue for shy students to express themselves.”