Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, New York.
Photo: Catherine Favorite

Our Programs

The Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi Private Foundation is committed to improving the lives of families by funding programs in education, youth development, medical research and supports for the elderly.

The Elmezzi’s believed that supporting these causes was critical to helping individuals and families improve their circumstances and realize the American Dream. During their lives, the Elmezzi’s began developing a commitment to these causes by paying for school tuition for family and friends, supporting the local library, and health resources.

Today, the legacy of their commitment can be seen in the Jeanne Elmezzi Adult Learning Center, the Elmezzi Graduate School for Molecular Medicine, and a host of education, youth service and health organizations.

Education Programs

The Foundation supports accessible, quality, results-driven educational programs for children and adults in Long Island City and Astoria.

Our strategy is to rely on evidence, best practices, and the experience of knowledgeable, field tested experts — the programs themselves. In the short-term, we recognize individual examples of unusual success must be funded and implemented. With that in mind we have supported a diversity of programs and initiatives (Urban Assembly Academy of Civic Engagement, Zone 126, etc.) to build our own body of work and knowledge. In the long-term we hope to make our learnings accessible, encouraging a variety of stakeholders to adopt approaches that are effective and cost-efficient.

Our vision is nothing short of access to educational programs in which every student develops skills to support self-sufficiency and independence.

Hour Children
I Have a Dream Foundation — New York

Youth Development Programs

The Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi Private Foundation recognizes successful youth development as a complex, comprehensive endeavor. We are committed to investing in community organizations that demonstrate systematic, evidence-based youth intervention strategies designed to realize culture-level change in disadvantaged communities.

Camp Herrlich
AileyDance Kids Residency 

Support for Seniors

Currently, the Foundation makes grants for programs that bridge intergenerational relationships as well as provide care for and support the elderly in being self-sufficient.

Hebrew Hospital Home
Queens Community House

Medical Research

The Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi Private Foundation supports programs that advance the field of medical research so that we can increase breakthroughs in medicine and health care. At present, all of the Foundation’s medical research funding is to support the Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine at the Feinstein Institute at Northshore Long Island Jewish Health System.

The Foundation believes breakthroughs in medical research should be accessible to all, especially the disadvantaged. In 2006, the Foundation made a long term commitment for the purpose of establishing the Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine. The school offers a unique program that confers a PhD degree in molecular medicine to highly trained physicians who wish to pursue careers in biomedical research. Unlike the typical graduate program at universities or medical schools, the Elmezzi Graduate School offers an individually tailored, three-year program with a strong emphasis on translational research.

Elmezzi Graduate School of Molecular Medicine