How We Fund

The Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi Private Foundation is committed to funding charitable organizations that support the New York City neighborhoods of Astoria and Long Island City through programs in education, youth development, support for the elderly and medical research. Grant applicants must demonstrate clear, measurable outcomes and ensure their program focuses on improving self sufficiency or quality of life. To expand, the programs and organizations the Foundation supports are:

  • responding to a clear need and are focused on helping their beneficiaries build self-sufficiency,
  • of sufficient quality so as to have a positive and measurable impact on the beneficiaries,
  • effective; i.e. a program with clearly measurable impact on beneficiaries, and
  • able to sustain themselves beyond Elmezzi funding.

The Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi Private Foundation only funds charitable organizations qualified under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation’s policy is not to accept unsolicited grant proposals. Exceptions are made, although infrequently, when we receive an exceptionally compelling proposal that falls within our current grantmaking objectives. Instead of applying to the Foundation directly we suggest that you contact us first to ascertain interest. If the organization meets the Foundation’s funding criteria and current priorities, it will be invited to submit a full proposal.

The Board meets frequently throughout the year and most grants are made on an annual basis, except for projects/initiatives that require multi-year support. As a general policy, meetings between Foundation staff and applicants are arranged only if serious consideration of a grant proposal is anticipated. With limited resources compared to the number of grant solicitations, the Foundation is able to fund only a small portion of the worthwhile requests it receives.

This foundation does not fund:

  • Unsolicited requests
  • Annual appeals, dinner functions, and fundraising events
  • Loans and deficit financing
  • Capital Campaigns
  • International organizations
  • Directly to individuals or to organizations not qualified as charitable organizations under IRS section 501(c)3
  • For foreign travel or foreign study
  • Organizations or programs outside its focus areas