Elmezzi’s Pilot Health Management Program is Featured by Crain’s

Recently, Crain’s Health Pulse reported on Elmezzi’s commitment to advancing health care as well as our dedication to serving communities in Western Queens by partnering with Mt. Sinai to provide a free of charge population health management program.

With Elmezzi funding, Mt. Sinai staff are able to reach out to patients preemptively in order to assist them in addressing their health issues before they end up making a costly trip to the hospital. Since the program’s launch in early 2015, we have helped Mt. Sinai in lowering hospital readmissions by 1% and ER visits by 5%. By doing so, we are making sure that residents of Astoria are able to take control of their own health and learn how to better address it in order to both save money on costly hospital visits as well as live healthier lifestyles. Click on the thumbnail below to download the PDF article and read it in full.

Crain's Health Pulse - Managing Health in Astoria