Elmezzi Staff Visit the Hebrew Hospital Home Adult Day Care Program

Recently, Elmezzi staff were able to pay a visit to the Hebrew Hospital Home Adult Day Care Program in Valhalla, New York. While there, we observed the Social Model Adult Day program, where a musician from the Westchester Music Conservatory was engaging hard to reach/hard group of senior clients. During the program, senior patients were enthralled by the musical therapists enthusiasm and abilities with the guitar. Not only did the patients sing along with each of the songs played, they also got up an danced, made song requests, and shared touching stories from their personal lives with both program directors as well as the musical therapist. This was unique because many of the clients had dementia in various stages, so having music invoke memories was tremendous in itself and an important relative gain.

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We are very glad that we can support a program that assists elderly patients working through chronic psychiatric and cognitive barriers such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. From the program Elmezzi staff were able to sit in on as well as the other senior patients at Hebrew Hospital Home, it was evident that the assistance and services being offered by HHH staff is truly making positive impacts on patient’s lives.