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Population Health Management: the Key to Improving Community Health Outcomes​

In 2015, Xerox published an eBook with findings from experts at the Yale School of Medicine ​called How Social Factors Shape Population Health,​ that​ outlines how environmental and social factors influence roughly 60% of an individual’s health​ and not medical interventions. The ​book also​ illustrates factors such as socioeconomic status, employment, and housing rates ​that ​play… Read more

Free space in New York City?

With more and more information becoming available in digital form — from newspapers, to movies, to eBooks — it can be easy to dismiss older paper iterations of information as unnecessary and cumbersome to work with. In the same vein, it would be understandable to think that public libraries may begin to be phased out…. Read more

Tackling Homelessness with Technology

We love reading about new ways to address/mitigate longstanding social problems, and a recent article on technology to deal with homelessness intrigued us. In a New York Times article, Claire Cain Miller, documents the way that access to technology has the ability to combat homelessness. For many homeless folks, their priorities lie in securing shelter,… Read more

Before Donating Your Tennis Racket, Consider This

In a recent NPR article, Donating A Single Rollerblade Is Not Going To Help Disaster Victims, Kathryn Kempton, the director of international operations for Partners in Health, confronts the negative consequences of well-intended individuals and corporations making in-kind donations without considering what is needed to best help people during a disaster. “When in-kind donations are not well-considered, they slow response efforts by diverting… Read more

To Encourage Independent Reading, Read Aloud

A Scholastic report recently found that among children between the ages of 6-17, reading for fun has dropped significantly over the last few years with only 31% of kids stating they read a book for fun almost daily. In the age of smartphones, IPads and TVs, a clear incentive to pick up a book for one’s own reading pleasure can be hard to… Read more