Wintertime in Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, New York
Photo: Catherine Favorite

About the Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi Private Foundation is to encourage and support programs that directly provide assistance to individuals who — due to either environment or circumstance — have not had the opportunity or ability to live independent and productive lives. Such challenges may be physical, medical, economic or educational. We strive to have a direct and measurable impact on the quality of individual lives, either through sponsorship or innovative program design and development.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Thomas and Jeanne Elmezzi Private Foundation mirrors the philosophy of its founder. We recognize that situations and circumstances (socio-economic, educational, health, personal) befall some individuals, impeding their development and restricting opportunity. We believe that all people are entitled to pursue their dreams and have the right and obligation to be productive and contributing members of society.

“When I see the benefits from our programs, I get a chill. I just feel so exuberant about it, and I want the foundation to go forward. That guy upstairs — he blessed my family and me with this money. So I have to give back. It’s for people. If you can’t help people with your heart, forget about it.”
–Thomas Elmezzi